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Attainable Cubic Feet

Acknowledgement of Receipt
Notice than a delivery has been received.

AD Valorem
An insurance charge on certain shipping or customs tariffs in proportion to the total value of products involved in the transaction (Invoice).

Articles Dangereux de Route or Transportation of Dangerous Articles.

Additional Shipping Charge for Renewal of the Merchant Navy.

ALADI (Latin American Association for Integration)
A group of countries whose goal is to create a common Latin American market, made up of: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Air Waybill.

Bill of Lading

Back to Back
Consolidation of a single shipment on a MAWB (Master Air Waybill) including a HAWB (House Air Waybill - issued by a shipper).

For tax purposes, baggage includes new or used goods for a traveler's personal use and that are compatible with the circumstances of their trip.

A shipping term that refers to the water in the hold of a ship used to provide balance when loaded with cargo; in rail terminology it means a layer of permeable substances, such as sand o gravel, placed under the railway line and used to support the sleepers.

A safe location near port where ships await authorization to dock at an available or specific wharf.

Bill of Lading
A document issued by a shipping company based on the Invoice, stating the shipping cost. It accompanies the cargo. The recipient signs it and receives two copies.

Bonded warehouse
A special regime that allows foreign goods to be imported to a warehouse in a customs area, suspending import duty payments.

Box truck
A truck with a closed trailer.

Maritime shipping expression that means shipping general or fractioned cargoes.

Brokerage Houses
Companies that specialize as sea shipping agents.

Bulk Cargo
Bulk or unpackaged cargo.

Bulk Carrier
A vessel that carries bulk goods.

Bulk Container
A container specifically for carrying bulk goods.

Business Logistics
All cargo handling and warehousing activities that facilitate the flow of goods from raw material purchase up to delivery to the end consumer, as well the information flows required for product transportation, intended to offer clients an appropriate service at a reasonable cost. (as defined by Ronald H. Ballou in his book "Business Logistics").

Coastwise shipping.

Cargo boom
A device used by ports to lift large, heavy cargoes or construction material, with three struts that meet at the top, where a pulley is installed for the cable.

Cargo Consolidation
Creating larger shipments by consolidating a number of smaller cargos. This provides economies of scale and reduces shipping costs.

CCR - Reciprocal Credits and Payments Agreement
A payment system controlled by the central banks in ALADI countries and the Dominican Republic.

Cost and Freight.

Import Certificate.

CIDE (Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain)
A duty paid on oil and its derivatives.

Cost, Insurance and Freight. In this case, the material cost includes everything for delivery to its destination.

Carriage and Insurance Paid To.

Computerized industrial warehouse
A special regime that allows an importer to suspend duty payment, using computerized controls, on goods that will later undergo industrial processing or export.

An individual or company named on the shipping document, who is entitled to claim the goods at their destination. For legal purposes, this is presumed to be the cargo owner.

A large, metal box used to transport various materials, which comprises a unit of cargo that once placed inside, are protected from damage during transportation or transshipment to other modes of transport.

A group of vehicles that travel together to the same destination. Mainly used for security purposes; munitions and supply vehicles accompanying military forces; rail cars (in Portugal).

Commerce Planning Collaboration.

Carriage Paid To.

The cubic volume available for storage or transportation. Cubage is calculated by multiplying the length by the width and height.

Customs areas
Sites designated by the competent customs authorities in the primary or secondary zone, where cargo handling, warehousing and clearance can take place under customs control.

Customs transit
A special customs regime that allows goods to be transported within national territory, subject to customs controls, from one point to another within the customs territory with relief from duty.