imagem ilustrativa mercado Technology

This industry produces high technology products offering significant added value, such as smartphones, tablets, video games, iPods®, hard drives, computers (including parts) etc. This is a major consumer industry and plays an important role in the economic cycle. 

We support this market through our product portfolio that includes a range of specific technologies and processes. 

International Cargo Shipping

  • Logistics management (routes x deadlines x security);
  • Specialist Customer Services;
  • Cargo consolidation (for air and sea shipping);
  • CKD logistics, including reverse logistics;
  • Negotiation of free days at the port of origin for consolidation;
  • P.O coordination with the importer and exporter;

Customs Clearance 

  • NCM/Product validation;
  • Tax analysis;
  • Courier (sample) clearance process;

National Road Haulage and Terminal Agent

  • Analysis of the lowest warehousing, shipping and security costs;
  • We partner with reputable shipping companies that offer proven experience. 

International Insurance

  • Asia Shipping has taken out the best international shipping policy with the widest coverage available, up to R$ 10,000,000.00. This means your company can be included as a policy beneficiary and your operations are protected.