imagem ilustrativa mercado Industry

The industrial sector includes companies that manufacture and sell products and are provide certain industrial processes, such as: transformation, processing, assembly or refurbishment. 
This industry basically purchases raw materials and intermediate or secondary products for production purposes.  This industry focuses tightly on deadlines, which dictate performance. 

We support this market through our product portfolio that includes a range of specific technologies and processes. 

International Transport

  • Just-in-time logistics coordination;
  • EDI file generation;
  • Full integration (exporter x shipper x importer);
  • Focus on deadlines and service analyses.

Customs Clearance

  • Operational mapping;
  • Creating an own S.O.P,;
  • Validate current tax incentives;
  • Analyze import regulations.

Domestic road haulage and terminal services

  • Analysis of the lowest warehousing, shipping and security costs;
  • We partner with reputable shipping companies that offer proven experience. 

International Insurance

  • Asia Shipping has taken out the best international shipping policy with the widest coverage available, up to R$ 10,000,000.00.. This means your company can be included as a policy beneficiary and your operations are protected.